Friday, September 17, 2010

Jaa, mata (see you again)

The photo at left shows Guam on the starboard horizon, as we were returning to land on Sept. 15th. After our gear was safely unloaded onto a flat-bed truck, Susan and I caught a bus with our colleagues to the Guam Hilton. We had the good fortune to relax for a day, including snorkeling in the warm clear waters, and then we had to say goodbye. In Japanese there are so many different ways to say goodbye, but I am hoping that we can say "Jaa, mata" (jahh-mah-tah), which is an informal way of saying "see you again." This cruise was an incredibly enriching experience - both scientifically and culturally. Susan and I look forward to working on our samples and data back at home in Woods Hole.
Tomomi Ogura

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